Harmonic Pioneers Video Streaming Transformations in Latin America

The LATAM video streaming market is ample with opportunities. In 2020, there were 37.5 million paid Netflix subscribers in Latin America, generating more than $3 billion, or about 13% of the company’s global revenue, according to Statista.

By 2026, the region is predicted to have a total of 131 million SVOD subscriptions. As video streaming consumption skyrockets in Latin America, service providers are transforming their business through content personalization, channel variants, targeted advertising, cloud adoption, primary distribution workflows and more.

An increase in video streaming and bandwidth usage over the last year is impacting the cable market. Operators are stepping on the path to revolutionary broadband, with innovative deployment options and solutions that improve business agility, enable sustainable growth and accelerate capacity expansion, ensuring a superior experience for subscribers. This article will discuss key trends happening now in video streaming and broadband industries and how Harmonic is leading the charge with innovative solutions.

Latest Video Streaming Trends in LATAM 

With streaming consumption rising, global service providers, content owners and broadcasters are exploring different paths to video monetization. At Harmonic’s online summit, ACHIEVE 2021, on Sept. 29-30, the company, along with customers and partners, will explore the latest trends in cloud streaming, major evolutions in primary distribution and broadcast TV, and successful monetization and personalization approaches. 

Channel variants and personalization is one way that service providers can better monetize their linear channels. By delivering different channel variants for regions and demographics, targeted advertising and personalized content based on viewer behavior, service providers can maximize revenues, increase engagement and deliver a superior quality of experience to subscribers. Content personalization requires analytics, data, and AI, which uses a significant amount of storage and compute. As a result, service providers are adopting cloud technologies, such as Harmonic’s VOS®360 cloud streaming platform.

In addition, a primary distribution revolution is underway enabled by the open internet, cloud and edge processing technologies. Broadcasters are moving to edge processing to handle the increase in new streaming services and the demand for greater content personalization. Harmonic’s VOS360 cloud streaming platform is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a flexible, simple and cost-effective solution for delivering primary distribution feeds.

Furthermore, LATAM service providers are customizing and distributing live 4K HDR sports content to drive innovation and enhance the user experience.Harmonic is trailblazing state-of-the-art streaming for live sports with software-based solutions that simplify the delivery of 4K HDR channels.

Using Harmonic’s XOS Edge media processing solution, service providers can deliver incredible live sports streaming experiences, including 4K HDR, with reduced bandwidth. During this year’s Summer Games in Tokyo, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies used the XOS Edge solution to deliver live 4K HDR broadcasts with immersive audio to U.S. viewers, representing a leap forward in innovation.

In Summary

Video streaming consumption is exploding, which is driving major technology transformations, and Harmonic is at the forefront of these with its VOS cloud streaming platform.

All of this and more will be discussed during Harmonic’s online summit, ACHIEVE 2021, which takes place Sept. 29-30. Attendees will get exclusive business insights from leading media companies on content personalization, cloud streaming and broadcast evolution to achieve outstanding success in the video world. 

‘Harmonic’s ACHIEVE 2021 is a joint initiative with our global community of customers and partners to explore the innovations that are propelling the video streaming industry’, said Shahar Bar, senior vice president, video products and corporate development at Harmonic.

‘This event will emphasize real-world success stories, with insights from key industry stakeholders on how to transform your video business through content personalization, channel variants, targeted advertising, cloud adoption, primary distribution workflows and more’, added.

The summit will kick off with Bar’s keynote on “Why Channel Variants and Personalization are the Future of Linear Channels,” followed by informative sessions guided by global service providers, content owners and broadcasters, exploring different paths to video monetization.

Channel Variants and Monetization for Live Streaming with Bally Sports: Explores streamlined regional delivery through channel variants to maximize revenues and enable personalized viewer experiences.

Video Streaming Demystified for MVPDs: Schurz Communications and the Move to SaaS: A session on achieving business growth by launching new revenue-driving streaming services.

A Primary Distribution Revolution for Telstra: Open Internet, Cloud and Edge Processing: Dynamic insights on meeting changing distribution requirements and gaining flexibility with high-performance cloud-based edge solutions. 

Shop LC and the Cloud Era: Channel Customization and Business Growth: An exclusive look at how Shop LC is delivering customized live content worldwide. 
How Mediaset Uses Targeted Advertising for Next-Gen Broadcast TV: A deep dive into transitioning to an all-IP software infrastructure, with tips on monetizing content with targeted advertising.

Additional sessions at the digital event will look at video distribution trends, including:

Strategies to Customize and Distribute Live 4K HDR Sports Content: A look at how premium sports events drive innovation and enhance the user experience, with a focus on next-gen audio and advanced HDR processing.

IPTV: Finding a Path to Full Streaming Distribution: An educational session on the migration to IPTV 2.0 and benefits of stream personalization and targeted advertising.

Benefits of a Hub and Spoke Architecture for Production and Playout: Explore the unique benefits of hub and spoke architectures through real-life case studies as station groups move toward these architectures.

ACHIEVE 2021 will also bring to focus Harmonic’s technology partnership with Beachfront through a session on DAI and Cloud Streaming: Best Practices for Real-Time Monetization.  Attendees will learn DAI techniques based on Beachfront’s experience in real-time programmatic advertising.

To see the full agenda and register for ACHIEVE 2021, please visit https://events.harmonicinc.com/achieve-2021. The ACHIEVE 2021 sessions will also be available for replay after the event.

Further information about Harmonic and the company’s solutions is available at www.harmonicinc.com.

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